27 January 2009

Al-Andalus, Jalan Damai.

Welcome back guys..its the second day of chinese new year and so far it been pretty casual..the day starts out with some late wakings and then alot of bumming around but when it comes to night its a going out session..more like shisha sessions..well i continued my two day shisha routine...this time though we went to a arab restaurant called Al-Andalus in Jalan Damai, Ampang. 

So Prem picked me up and then we picked Kishen up and off we went on search of this mysterious place that everyone deems a shisha heaven..well using the smart tunnel(malaysia's most stupidest tunnel ever) we reached to the heart of KL........AND THEN WE GOT LOST!!! LOL yeah well we didnt noe where jalan damai was in the first place and then the sign boards didn't help at all...we passed THANGAVAL(the karat indian club) like 5 times..thanks to a few ppl and a cab driver who gave us some really productive directions, we managed to find the place..here's how it rated..

Al-Andalus, Jalan Damai.




So once we were there we ordered some drinks and the shisha ofcourse, which was watermelon mint flavour, so as we were waiting we feasted our eyes on some of the arab beauties that were there...the restaurant was actually a double story house which was transformed into a restaurant, i personally feel that it gives a very homely feeling..so anyways lets see how the shisha and location was...

Flavour : Watermelon Mint

Brand : Al-Fakher

Price : Rm 8 for two flavours/Rm 6 for one flavour

Environment : Al-Andalus, jalan damai, double story house with big screen,                                          Arab beauty, good food, many arab shops around it as well..

Verdict : 9/10

Yeap, this place is definately worth travelling the distance, it has that arabic feeling to the place which makes it really Exotic. Plus as we were heading back we ran into a couple of friends, namely ashwin, hizwan and ganeshram..they were in Castle..lol well overall its a great experience..lookin forward to more new shisha adventures...till then

thanks for reading...

Prem & Kishen.


shay said...

my malaysian friend brought me there during my recent trip to KL. i think it is the most wonderful sheesha place i've ever been to. i'll definitely go back there when i go KL! =)

-daenesh- said...

hey shay, well theres actually a lot of places where u can find good shisha jus e-mail me and i'll let u noe..


Anonymous said...

Genial dispatch and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you as your information.


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